Living and loving it in the heart of Jerusalem!!!

Someone on Twitter this morning compared this whole prisoner release in exchange for the release of Gilad Shalit as a “Sophie’s Choice” and I couldn’t agree more.

I always say our greatest sorrows seem to come at the zenith of our greatest joys and as I watch this poor young man, so emaciated and withdrawn…so hurt and injured deep inside, I know that this is true of this moment as well.

I watch it all unfold on Twitter and then we turned on CNN which pissed me off within about 12 minutes when they said how horrible it was that these murderers that Israel released for our precious son had not seen their families for 21 years.  Are you kidding me?  Have the people they killed so savagely seen THEIR families in 21 years?  What’s their point?

The Palestinians are busy rioting and calling for more “Gilad Shalit’s” to be taken hostage.  Of course they are.  Meanwhile the Egyptian bitch who interviewed Gilad asked him if he would now campaign for the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.


Really?  REALLY?

He said all he wanted was peace.

So there isn’t much more to be said.  One community welcomes home bombers, terrorists and murderers of children looking hopefully to a future filled with more death and blood and ruin.  Another welcomes home a gentle young man who speaks of peace.

And you wonder why I am so pissed off.

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